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Kerosene heater features


1. The kerosene heater is mainly used as heating equipment, but because the kerosene heater has the process of burning, it will produce some other pollutants that pollute the environment and cause health damage. Therefore, when people use kerosene for heating, they must pay attention to the ventilation inside the room.

2. Kerosene heaters are supplied with spray fuel, and its combustion rate can reach 100%, a heating process that is smokeless and odorless.

3. The oil tank of the kerosene heater is integrated with the fuselage, and can be moved to the desired place at will.

4. All kerosene heaters are equipped with protection devices for lack of oxygen, flameout, and dumping, so they are safe and secure to use.

5. The kerosene heater has a large heating area, is clean, energy-saving, environmentally friendly, safe, smoke-free, odorless, and the cost of use is one-half of that of an electric heater.

6. The kerosene heater can be ignited or extinguished within 5 seconds, and the best combustion state can be reached within 2 seconds. Control system with 15 seconds of pre-purification and 180 seconds of post-purification.

With the development of science and technology, the kerosene heaters in today's life are also designed with all-round safety considerations. They are not only designed to be safe, but also practical, with various protection devices. When in use, it will be automatically closed if it is accidentally knocked over, shaken or burned too little, or mishandled, which is very safe.

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