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What are the advantages of kerosene heaters


What are the advantages of kerosene heaters

1. High combustion rate. The kerosene heater is basically supplied by spray fuel, the combustion rate can reach 100%, and the combustion heating process is smokeless and tasteless.

2. Easy to move. The fuel tank of the kerosene heater is integrated with the fuselage, which can be easily moved to where you want to move.

3. Good safety performance. The kerosene heater basically adopts three safety devices of hypoxia protection, flameout protection and dumping protection, which can be used safely.

4. Large heating area. The heating area of the kerosene heater can easily reach 60 square meters, and the use cost is only half of the general electric heater.

5. Energy saving and environmental protection. The kerosene heater uses spray fuel, which is safe to burn, smokeless, and has no peculiar smell, which can be used safely and comfortably.

6. High efficiency. The kerosene heater can be ignited or extinguished within 5 seconds, and a good combustion state can be achieved within 2 minutes. Control the system for 15 seconds of pre-purification and 180 seconds of post-purification.