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Four maintenance methods for kerosene heaters


Four maintenance methods for kerosene heaters

In daily use, kerosene heaters will have certain problems after long-term use. If they cannot be maintained in time, the internal equipment of the kerosene heater will be difficult to use. Therefore, kerosene heaters need certain maintenance. If the kerosene heater is used, the maintenance steps required are as follows.

1. Change the resistance wire in time

If the resistance wire is maintained for many times after continuous use, it will cause a short circuit in the circuit, so when using the kerosene explosion-proof electric heater, you cannot put flammable objects near it, and you can keep a certain safe distance; but after repeated maintenance, it is best not to use it. If the resistance wire is used many times and for a long time, it is recommended to replace the resistance wire immediately if the kerosene explosion-proof electric heater is used, and the explosion-proof electric heater without resistance wire cannot be used.

2. Low temperature antifreeze treatment

Do not use the kerosene heater in winter, and drain the water in the kerosene heater in time to avoid freezing and affecting the next use;

3. Turn off the power in time

If the kerosene heater does not need to be used, you can consider the power saving problem, turn off the power of the equipment, and at the same time drain the liquid inside the equipment, keep the inside of the explosion-proof electric heater clean, and the next operation will be more convenient;

4. Add water in time

When the kerosene heater is in use, it needs to add medium and water to ensure that the water and medium are injected into the cylinder, and the pressure is not higher than the working pressure, and then it can be heated by electricity.